Hi, I'm Dawid. Call me dawg.

I help web3 products come to life and stay relevant. With Code, Network, Facilitation and Design. I contribute to the TEC, foundryDAO, DeepWorkDAO and I advise on tokenization, token economics, and UX research (and more) @deepworkDAO. If you are involved in mechanism design for combating climate change, we should talk.

Change my mind: DAOs lack a social contract and their success is built on the externalizing the costs of effective management onto individuals.


Short summary about me. You can also just check LinkedIn.


Fastest way to learn is to cut through bullshit by relying on qualified, filtered reading lists. Check out my collection of rabbit holes on Token Engineering, Cyber-Physical Systems, AutoML, Machine Learning, legacy and blockchain startups and self engineering.


Some of the things I've done (that are not under NDA) and things I've written. Learn about new new Work , mindsets for the future. Complements inputs well!

Useful Guides & Resources

A growing list of resources ranging from Personal Development and Neuroscience, Coding, Philosophy of Decentralisation, Economics and more. Chaotic at the beginning, they will get better with time and use.


Curated pickings from the web's trash swirl that shouldn't get lost in some West Coast digital platform.

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